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Owner or Contact:Tom Nelson
Description:A unique and authoritative reference guide for Dance Professionals, Dance Instructors, Top Dancers, and Dancer Wannabes.
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Healthy physical activity continues only if it's FUN, such as love for some particular SKILL. There is yearning for such ability is one only knew HOW. These books describe HOW. These extensive "How-to-Dance-It" publications emphasize inter-relationships between the many skill. Each is an alphabetized Encyclopedia-Glossary-Dictionary-Thesaurus.

Author TOM NELSON served as Pilot in World War II as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. As an Engineer for 43 years, he designed major portions of the steering rockets for Apollo Moon Landings, the Space Shuttle, and for the MX. Dancing almost constantly since he was six, he taught dancing for 26 years. He has been compiling these encyclopedias for over 18 years.

Contact Info:Tom Nelson
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