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Owner or Contact:Nina Maluda
Description:Pre-made practice & performance wear for Ballroom, Swing/Lindy, Salsa, Tango and Flamenco. Custom made wear and sponsored professional costumes. Italian "Dance Natural" shoes and special Swing shoes. Accessories.
Additional Info:"Nina has been able to read our minds when describing the design we want her to make. Our costumes have gotten rave reviews from spectators, other professional dancers and judges! We always have an elegant look when we step onto the floor."-FJ Abaya & Natasha Thayer, Rhythm champions. Nina creates costumes for FJ Abaya & Natasha Thayer, Dan Rutherford & Nicole Carol, Robert & Monique Hrouda to name a few.
Contact Info:Nina Maluda
Seattle, Washington

Telephone: 206-363-7222

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