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dancesport team cebu city
Owner or Contact:edward hayco
Description:We may consider our team as one of the most unique in the world. Our members are 120-member strong all of who dedicate precious hours teaching in an outreach program. This sense of selflessness makes the team unique compared to all the dance clubs in the world. You should hear the stories of our members of how they spent Sunday afternoons traveling three hours in steep dirt roads just to get to their students in mountain villages.
Additional Info:A Passion of Champions! To give you a background of our team, we were a ragtag informal group of some three dancing couples six years ago. Our soul was filled with the love of ballroom dancing and the passion to compete. Due to scarcity of resources, our only means of learning was through video clips and whatever we see on TV. Despite this, the team was able to accomplish a gold medal or two in the national competitions. Six years have passed and our casual group of six has grown to more than 60 couples and is regularly training 200 students more in our free workshop outreach programs. In the last two years, the team has done workshops to more than 3,000 participants in the hope that the people who learn it will have an alternative activity away from drugs and petty crimes. Our students and workshop participants are mostly kids and youth aged five to twenty-five years old because we believe that they can make a difference in our countrys future. If you could only see our students, ages five to fifteen who come from underprivileged families, dancing with the skill and passion of a true athlete clad in self-made costumes and borrowed shoes two sizes bigger. This sense of volunteerism and dedication is probably catching and adds fuel to the team members passion for DanceSport. In the national and international competitions since 2003, the team has proudly garnered 114 golds, 95 silvers, 86 bronze medals, not yet counting the 2005 nationals, SEAGames, 1st IDSF Open and 2006 quarterly ranking winnings. The formerly casual group of six has now evolved to a professionalized, power-packed team that send at least sixty (60) couples to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, three times a year. DTCC participates in the DanceSport Council of the Philippines (DSCP) three National competitions one in March, one in July and one in October as well as one International Competition in November. DTCC members also compete abroad in European countries, Australia, Japan, Chin
Contact Info:edward hayco
cebu city sports center, osmena blvd,
cebu city 6000

Telephone: 63324155844
Email: loi_rendon@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.dancesportcebu.org

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