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Musician Site
Owner or Contact:Dom
Description:Musician Site is run by musicians in the UK. We design web sites for musicians and artistes - musicians, dancers, painters, sculptors etc.- exclusively - worldwide. We do it well and at a very low fee.
Additional Info:Our mission is to give artistes exposure on the World Wide Web. So... we make it affordable for all. YOU PAY WHAT YOU WANT, BUT.... There is a minimum payment is $28.00 ( 20.00), which is the price for your first basic web page. Many find that it is good enough, some choose more options... as you wish. This is 28 one time payment, not a monthly or yearly subscription. You just pay ONCE You can pay on line if you want, and we do the job for you within 15 days (often in 2 days). E-mail or call us for any question. We are real humans, not a ''robot builder''.
Contact Info:Dom
17 Belle Vue Court
122D Devonshire Road
London, England SE23 3SY

Telephone: (44) (0) 208 2917911
Email: musiciansite@btinternet.com

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