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Our new "Pay-per-click" program keeps track of the number of times a banner ad is clicked by visitors. Every time a visitor clicks on your banner ad, a "click-through" is registered, and money is automatically deducted from your account.

Because money is deducted only when people click on the ad, you can rest assured that you are only paying for advertising that is working. If the ad doesn't bring you business, no money is deducted!

You can deposit money into your account using a check or credit card. Deposit as much or as little as you like, as often as you like.* The more you deposit, the more times your ad will display, and the more business you will generate.

There are two types of payment schedules: (1) Regularly scheduled payments, and (2) Pay-as-you-go.


If you want to set up a monthly or yearly budget, decide how much you can afford to purchase for each cycle (for example, $20 per month). We will set up the banner so that it displays a certain number of times each month, to bring you approximately the correct number of click-throughs for your budget.

When you exceed your budget, the banner will stop displaying for the remainder of the cycle. If you wish the banner to continue displaying, you can change the start date of the cycle.

If you have money remaining at the end of the cycle, it will automatically carry over into the next one. Or to save money, you can put off the start date of the next cycle until the money from the current cycle runs out.


Pay-as-you-go is the simpler method. Deposit any amount you like*, and the banner ad will continue to display until the money in the account runs out. Deposit more at any time, before or after the account runs out of money.

When the money in the account runs low, you will be sent an email reminder. You can determine in your user settings the point at which the email reminder is sent (or turn off the reminders altogether).

How much does it cost each time a visitor clicks on your ad?
See our price list for more information.

* Credit card purchases require a minimum deposit of $10 per transaction.

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