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Advertising Prices

Setup Fee: $25.00

The initial cost of setting up a banner ad account is $25.00. This includes consultation, uploading the artwork, and setting up the account in the database. The setup fee will be waived if the initial deposit for click-throughs is $150 or more.

Setup fee does not include artwork or additional service fees, if any such services are required. See below for standard artwork rate.

Once the account has been configured, the setup fee is non-refundable.

Standard Click-Through Rate:
$0.10 per click-through for global ads
$0.15 per click-through for location-specific ads

Click-throughs are automatically recorded when a user clicks on an advertiser's banner. Money is deducted from the advertiser's account only on user's first click-through over the period of one hour.

Your banner will display on Ballroomdancers.com only when there is money in your account. When no more money exists in your account, the banner will no longer display. More money can be deposited at any time.

Standard Artwork Rate: $50 per hour

If you need us to create or modify your banner for you, we will do so at the standard artwork rate of $50 per hour, prorated by the half-hour.

A simple banner can usually be created in as little as a half-hour. If your needs are more specific, artwork can take much longer. When you tell us exactly what you need, we will be able to give you a reasonable estimate.

Would you like to have a banner ad on Ballroomdancers.com? We're anxious to have you with us! Just click on the banner ad below, and we'll get you started!



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