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Closed Position (Ballroom)


The Closed Position in the smooth ballroom dances is the most basic and common position used to move around the dance floor.


Man and lady stand in front of each other in body contact, slightly offset to the left. The feet should be positioned slightly offset so that the right foot of either partner can step between the other partner's feet.

 Contact Points

1. Body contact. The right half of the man's front is in contact with the right half of the lady's front. The connection begins at the upper thighs and should continue all of the way up to the middle of the torso.

2. Man's left hand to lady's right hand. Palm to palm in an upper-hand clasp, with fingers and thumbs closed around partner's hand.

3. Man's right hand on lady's back. Right hand is loosely cupped with fingers and thumb together (not spread apart). Hand connects to her back on her shoulder blade. His wrist should make contact with her underarm at the junction of her arm and body.

4. Lady's left hand and forearm on man's upper arm. This connection can vary, based on the length of each partner's arm length and relative height. A well-matched couple of average height and arm length will find her hand resting on top of the junction of his deltoid and bicep.

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