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Closed Position (Latin)


The Closed Position in the Latin dances is the most basic and common position used to move around the dance floor.


Man and lady stand directly in front of each other, a few inches apart. Tone is maintained through the arms, and body weight is held forward towards the balls of the feet.

 Contact Points

1. Man's left hand to lady's right hand. Palm to palm in an upper-hand clasp, with fingers and thumbs closed around partner's hand.

2. Man's right hand on lady's back. Right hand is loosely cupped with fingers and thumb together (not spread apart). Hand connects to her back on her shoulder blade. His wrist should make contact with her underarm at the junction of her arm and body.

3. Lady's left arm and hand to man's right arm and shoulder. She may connect on top of his arm, or slightly around the outside. For best results, contact should be maintained throughout the entire arm.

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