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Open Facing Position


Open Facing is any position where partners stand facing each other, apart but within arms reach. Lead and follow is achieved through the use of various hand connections, such as the two-hand hold as shown in the picture.


Man and lady stand directly in front of each other, within arms' reach. Tone is maintained through the arms, and body weight is held forward towards the balls of the feet.

 Contact Points

There are many possibilities of contact points, but the most common are the hands. Shown above is the two-hand hold, where the man's left hand holds the lady's right hand, and his right hand holds her left. His palms are turned upward, and hers are turned downward.

Other possibilities include a one-hand hold such as man's left to lady's right or man's right to lady's left, a "cross-hand" or "handshake hold" such as man's right to lady's right or man's left to lady's left.

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