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natural underarm turn
natural oppositeThe description of the movement which corresponds directly and naturally to the movement danced by one's partner, in a manner which is either parallel or mirrored.
Natural ResolutionTerm used by Argentine Tango dancers to describe the natural resolve to the end of a musical phrase (a cadence). The pattern itself is very similar to the first four steps of a Box Step, and is usually taken as the ending of another pattern, such as the Cruzara.

Note: Since Tango dancers do not use the terms natural and reverse to describe right- and left-turning movements, the term "Natural Resolution" can be very misleading to a ballroom dancer; It frequently turns to the left.
natural turnA turn to the right.
Nightclub Two-StepAn easy-going social dance, similar in movement to the Bossa Nova, first introduced in the 80's by Buddy Schwimmer and popular amongst the West Coast Swing crowd. Nightclub 2-Step is normally danced to medium-tempo pop love songs and M.O.R., using combinations of Slow-Quick-Quick and Quick-Quick-Slow rhythms.
no foot riseAn action of rise which is taken through the knees and body only, but not through the feet. When backward walks are indicated as having no foot rise, the toe of the forward foot should release from the floor, allowing the heel to remain in contact as it draws inward toward the standing foot.


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