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The following is a simple 10-question multiple-choice quiz designed to test your comprehension of the material presented in the lesson. We highly recommend taking the quiz without referring back to the lesson. If your score is low, you know what you need to do!

1. In a nutshell, leading and following is a process of:

Interpreting complex signals
Effective communication
Assumption and second-guessing

2. A good connection is something that:

Produces a signal
Transmits a signal
Deflects a signal

3. When taking a basic one- or two-hand connection, the elbows should be:

Fully extended straight forward
Slightly bent with forearms angled downward
Slightly in front of and outward from the hips

4. Which of the following is acceptable positioning of the hands?

Fingers spread apart
Hands loosely cupped
Thumbs pressing downward to secure the grip

5. Push & Pull is caused by an action of the:

Body weight

6. When the leader sets his weight forward in a "push" connection, the follower should:

Reciprocate with equal push
Respond by pulling
Step backwards

7. The arms should react to a "pull" connection by:

Extending forward
Contracting backwards
Maintaining the same position

8. Which weight connection is used most frequently to lead the follower to step backwards?

Either push or pull

9. Which weight connection can be used to lead the follower to step sideways:

Either push or pull

10. True or false: When leading oppositional movement, the leader should use his arms instead of a weight connection.


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