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First dance with Daddy
Posted by Sandy
5/16/2006  10:13:00 AM

My big day is coming up. I would love to dance with full confidence with my father on the dance floor. Now I know every one is going to watch us. I'm totally new to ballroom dancing.

Any suggestions to which one I should learn? I don't have much time, therefore it would need to be easy to learn but beautiful to watch..

Any suggestions would be appreciated! =)

Re: First dance with Daddy
Posted by jerryblu
5/16/2006  11:03:00 AM

It would be a really good idea to make sure you know what dances your dad is comfortable with. If he is an experienced dancer, then I would advise the "slow" waltz (slow vs Viennese, which is fast). All male dancers are told that our job is to make the woman look good, and I think that is easiest for the leader to do (especially with an inexperienced partner) with the waltz.

Good luck, and remember, mistakes dont count! The goal is to have FUN!!!

Re: First dance with Daddy
Posted by Iluv2Dance
5/16/2006  2:37:00 PM
Great and correct advice, jerryblu.
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