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Amazed - Lonestar?
Posted by Tanya
3/19/2008  5:06:00 AM
What type of dance would work well for Amazed by Lonestar? I would like to dance to this at my Wedding. If anyone could help that would be great!
Re: Amazed - Lonestar?
Posted by em1miler
3/19/2008  9:02:00 PM
Congratulations!! It's a beautiful song and the only dance that comes to mind is bolero. Hope that's helpful!
Re: Amazed - Lonestar?
Posted by Ladydance
3/20/2008  12:33:00 PM
Call a few studios and find one that choreographs wedding dances. they will ask for a copy of the song before your lesson so they can work out something in advance.
Re: Amazed - Lonestar?
Posted by DanceGuru
3/20/2008  1:11:00 PM
Nightclub Two step works very well with Amazed and is excellent choice as a wedding dance if choreographed well.
Can be slowed down a little if you want more time for the moves as it can be a little fast if you are not a dancer.
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