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Looking for male partner
Posted by jxcaix
9/10/2008  8:24:00 AM
Hi there, my name is Jing-Jing, and I'm in Dresher, PA 19025. I dance all 10 ballroom dances and is passionate about dancing. I'm 5'7", Chinese, over 30yrs old, slender, and am interesting in finding a male partner (as I recently lost my partner). I normally dance at the Plymouth Meeting Mall, and Stardust (NJ location). Please replay if you're interested. thanks a lot.
Check with your nearest chapter of USA Dance.
Posted by jofjonesboro
9/10/2008  11:27:00 AM
I want to point out to anyone reading this forum that Jing-jing's post is an excellent example of a partnership request. She gives plenty of information (age, shape, dance styles, location, etc.) for a prospective partner to consider.

Re: Check with your nearest chapter of USA Dance.
Posted by JillD
9/12/2008  11:12:00 AM
I think the info provided is not enough for serious partner search. I do not know if she needs a partner for socails or comps. I do not know in what level she dances, etc. So I do not understand why you say it is an excellent example of partner search.
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