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Good first dance and song?
Posted by Fancypants
1/30/2009  5:54:00 AM
I am getting married in a few months and would like to take dance lessions for our first dance. Before I start the lessons, I would like to have a few ideas of the first dance songs that go with a ballroom dance. Are there any dance/song combos that anyone likes? I was thinking of the song 'I love you because' by Johnny Cash, but I'm not sure if that matches any dances. Also, what is the easiest dance to learn for a novice?
Re: Good first dance and song?
Posted by Alvin07
2/6/2009  6:26:00 AM
I suggest you should dance the waltz. Because it is pretty easy to learn and perfect for wedding because it's really romantic. For the song, if you really insist with "I Love You Because", I suggest you should find the waltz version of the song. Okay?

Congrats for your wedding.
Re: Good first dance and song?
Posted by steveontheloose
2/6/2009  2:10:00 PM
got to get on a soap box here. it is your wedding you dance to your song and if you do not have a song then it is easy to get a first dance song. sit down with your betrothed and on separate pieces of paper at the same time you write down the first song that comes to mind. if you write down different songs they can be mixed. however GET A SONG THAT IS YOURS.
sorry but i had to get on a soap box there. p.s. if johnny cash's i love you because is your song then dance to it
Re: Good first dance and song?
Posted by anymouse
2/7/2009  9:29:00 AM

This depends to some extent if you want the experience to be about the dancing or about the music.

Some couples turn up determined to dance to something that just isn't very practical as dance music. Though sometimes that works out - there's no rule that says that you have to dance to the music in a way that a practiced ballroom couple would, it's also perfectly legitimate to dance to the feeling of the music rather than it's beat (and maybe preferable if worrying about the beat is going to be a source of stress).

For more traditional ballroom approaches, something that should work is for the couple to turn up at the lesson and the teacher audition a bunch of good tracks for them, and they pick one that they like. Unfortunately however the wedding lessons part of the ballroom business is often very badly organized, as it's more of an easy money sideline than the main focus of teaching longer term students. Too often a couple turning up without their own music will result in the designated teacher and the studio manager searching the room trying to find a suitable CD, and the decision is driven more by what can be located without using up too much lesson time than by what is good.

An idea - this website sells ballroom CD's and has 30 second previews of all the tracks. Search that for something that you like, and you'll already know what dance it is categorized as. The slow waltz, foxtrot, and rumba selections are probably the most traditional. Viennese Waltz can be extremely romantic but requires a lot of space and skill unless you want to take the dance the feeling rather than the beats approach.

"'I love you because' by Johnny Cash"

This could work as a simple american foxtrot, which is one of the technically simplest ballroom dances to learn, that can also be dressed up with fun things. It is a little on the fast side though, so if you can find a slower version (or get some help slowing the recording down) that might make the dancing more relaxed and fit the mood a little better.
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