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Star Dances
Posted by jpbdance
9/25/2009  10:07:00 AM
"Dancing With the Stars" continues to draw attention to ballroom dancing, but little of the dancing is within the range of possibility for the bulk of the viewers. A way to capitalize on the interest of viewers is to provide in a readily available and highly viewed web site (like this notable one) a set of videos of engaging and readily learned "Star Dances." These would be dances that used the steps for which instruction is available on the site (the text with each "Star Dance" could usefully include reference to this instruction). The text could also offer direction to other parts of the website: CDs with steps, CDs of music, places to dances and the ISO dance partner. A win for the viewer, a win for the web site and a win for dancing.
Re: Star Dances
Posted by Anonymous
9/28/2009  3:18:00 AM
jbdance. I think you might be asking too much. Dancing with the Stars are not in the business of teaching how to dance or teaching the viewers choreography. I doubt if any other parties would be able to cash in on this. The name Dancing With The Stars would not be allowed to be used or any reference to the show either
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