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Following a dream.....advice
Posted by Ana
5/9/2010  8:59:00 AM
I've been going through a rough life, with loss working at a job I hate, no passion, drive or fullfillment. Since I was a little girl I grew up watching the national ballroom competitions and dreamed of competing in ballroom. A year ago I took lessons but was taken advantage of by a dance studio that constantly hustled me for money at every turn, and didn't truly focus on teaching dance. Despite this, I want to know how does one truly become a professional ballroom dancer? How do you get sponsored, find a partner, and pay for lessons? Should I give up everything to follow my dream?

I want my life to be extraordinary, when I dance I feel truly alive, and happy.
Re: Following a dream.....advice
Posted by belleofyourball
5/9/2010  12:31:00 PM
Wow....speaking to what is exactly in my heart at this moment. I don't know. I wish I did.
Re: Following a dream.....advice
Posted by terence2
5/9/2010  11:29:00 PM
Sorry to tell you there no short cuts to a prof. career.

There maybe one solution and ironicaly its from the very source you dislike.. the Chain school. They ,on occasion, do take on prospective trainees( call schools in your area and ask ) . It may not fulfill your long term need, but it will put your foot on the pathway.

I should add, that there are numerous World class dancers that came from a chain school beginning ( I had 2 that I trained in their early stages )

And by the way, "sponsors " dont really exist for the teaching Pro.
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