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Posted by Ladydance
8/12/2010  11:54:00 AM
Is it really you? Are you back?
Re: Jofjonesboro??
Posted by jofjonesboro
8/13/2010  6:38:00 AM
Yes. I came back to replace a DVD.

I see that not much has changed here.

Re: Jofjonesboro??
Posted by Ladydance
8/13/2010  12:50:00 PM
We (Belle and I) missed you and there was a great deal of chatter wondering what had happened to you. Hope you are going to stick around for awhile. Are you still dancing?
Dancing again.
Posted by jofjonesboro
8/13/2010  1:52:00 PM
After losing one teacher to craziness (you don't want to know) and another to a broken leg, I'm back on the floor.

I'm taking classes and lessons and am teaching a young woman some Standard basics. I have a couple of practice partners but no plans to train for competition just yet (they're both younger than I).

I'm learning WCS (a fun dance!) and just brushing up on other dance styles that I haven't worked on for a few years.

Re: Dancing again.
Posted by Telemark
8/14/2010  1:01:00 AM
Welcome back. As you say, things are much as before, with the faithful few still in conversation with themselves, answering questions no one had posed ...
Re: Dancing again.
Posted by belleofyourball
8/15/2010  9:44:00 PM
Well there are still all the exciting questions about shoes and people asking for choreography for their wedding dances that they'll surely be able to dance beautifullyand with no training whatsoever....no problem that they can't even figure out what dance goes with what song.
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