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Am I being taken advantage of?
Posted by 6delights
10/11/2010  11:37:00 PM
I'm a dance instructor working for a studio with no contract. I'm currently teaching two group classes per week at $25. per class. In addition, I've been asked to line up other opportunities in the community for classes and recruit clients everywhere I go and print flyers and distributed where ever I can. I have been doing this for over a year with no payment or commission for my sales work. In addition, I have been assigned NO private clients. The studio claims there's not enough work but also threatens to cut me loose if I teach elsewhere.
Is this normal for the industry?
Re: Am I being taken advantage of?
Posted by terence2
10/12/2010  1:20:00 AM
As a freelance teacher, you are under no obligaton to them ,as they have non to you.

The upside of this is.. you may teach anywhere without restraint. In fact, thats what you should do. Find a venue and promote you own classes.
Posted by jofjonesboro
10/12/2010  4:43:00 AM
Any business - whether it's dance instruction, food service, or manufacturing - will try to squeeze as much value out of its workers for as little compensation as possible.

The persistent threats of termination indicate that the studio owners know that they're abusing you.

I would heed terence's advice.

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