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Great Website!!
Posted by DJ-COLOGNE
6/23/2011  2:42:00 AM
Hello, I'm DJ IngoDJ Ingo Cologne,congratulations, it's a very good site, your musik database, great.
I'm working in Germany, Cologne, as DJ, often by weddings.
Have a good time!! Ingo
Re: Great Website!!
Posted by Yukon07
12/14/2012  9:34:00 AM
To DJ Kln,,,,,thank you for your comments ,,,,,I'd visit your site so well explain,,
Yes ! keep it up and good luck to you.
Claude Blouin
I must admit,when visiting your site,,,,,i did use a translation ,,,,, hi,,,,hi,,,! cause otherwise ,,,,, I was like nowhere,,,lost,,,, hi,,,hi,,,
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