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still in search of a male dance partner
Posted by never_2late4fun
3/12/2012  10:50:00 PM
Just updating my status and the only thing I've added is a couple of photos
Re: still in search of a male dance partner
Posted by ladydance
3/13/2012  1:03:00 PM
I am a manager of a dance studio so I speak from experience. You will not find a partner on a partner search site. You are a beginner and need to find a partner that wants to start from the beginning. Men who know how to dance, also know that there are alot of women out there who can dance and dance well. They will pick one of them to partner with. The only way you will find a partner is to get out there. Take a group lesson, go to social dances and let people get to know you. If a man comes along that is willing don't dismiss him if there is something that doesn't appeal to you. I have found women partners, only to be told that he is too old, he only wears jeans, "I don't like his teeth" or he gets sweaty. Give the guy a chance. The jeans guy at our studio turned out to be a fabulous dancer. Dancing can be frustrating so you have to be pleasant and patient. Learn your steps! No man, especially the good dancers, wants to carry and push a woman around the dance floor. I hope this helps, let us know how you get on.
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