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International Variations of the week
Posted by Chris
6/22/2012  5:30:00 AM

First of all, massive fan of the website. I've found it invaluable as a source since I took up Ballroom and Latin for getting the syllabus steps.

I was just wondering if there's any intentions to extend the variation of the week a bit? All the variations of the week that I have seen I've really liked but being in the UK I'm learning International style rather than American, and I have noticed that the vast majority is American style. Which I do understand considering your location but I was hoping you might consider branching out to having a variation of the week for each style.

Kind Regards,

Re: International Variations of the week
Posted by Administrator
6/23/2012  4:28:00 PM
Hi Chris,

I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the website.

At the moment, our main focus is syllabus instructional videos. Our plan is to continue on the present course until we've finished the instructional videos through at least full silver. Nothing beyond that point has been decided, but I think we'll probably start mixing things up a bit more, switching around between technique lessons, gold syllabus figures, bronze through gold syllabus combinations, and variations.

When we do film our next set of variations, they will definitely be International Standard and Latin. But we will probably film a greater number of variations, each one being a shorter group of 4-6 measures apiece. We will also farm them out to multiple teachers, as we're finding greater success and quality by having more people doing less material each.

The timeframe is not known, as it's entirely dependent on membership sales. We have two more video shoots scheduled for the fall, where we will continue filming bronze syllabus videos. I suspect that the more material we publish, the more sales will improve. So if everything goes as I hope, our production time will keep speeding up, and we'll be able to bring you those variations sooner.

Jonathan Atkinson
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