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Foxtrot 6b
Posted by Falcon79
9/14/2012  9:34:00 AM
Is it possible that you switched the left and right feet in the Foxtrot progressive quarter turns (6b)? Trying to learn the foxtrot and this was confusing me. Thanks!
Re: Foxtrot 6b
Posted by Waltz123
9/14/2012  6:27:00 PM
Yep. It's fixed now. Thanks for the tip.

Jonathan Atkinson
Re: Foxtrot 6b
Posted by billymarsh
9/17/2012  4:24:00 PM
Foxtrot began in the early 1900s, in contrast to the Waltz. Jazz musicians like Scott Joplin began to produce syncopated ragtime music. A whole group of one-step dances with animal names arose. They were the Turkey Trot, the Monkey Dance, the Grizzly Bear, the Bunny Hug, and others.
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