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Instructional Video Samples
Posted by masa1311
11/4/2012  12:59:00 AM
Hey! I wanted to know if there is any more videos as Sample #1 (Samba), Sample #2 (Am. Cha Cha) and Sample #3 (Tango). I Don't see any other videos. If there is more, how can i see them?
Re: Instructional Video Samples
Posted by Administrator
11/4/2012  8:57:00 PM
On the way...

We now have instructional videos of the full bronze International Latin and American Rhythm syllabus filmed and ready for editing. We also have about 1/3 of the American Smooth syllabus ready to go. And in January, we will finish American Smooth and Int'l Standard.

Now that the final narrated demo videos have been published (as of last night, actually), editing will begin shortly on the instructional videos. They will begin appearing on the website within a week or two, and continue throughout the coming months until all videos have been completed.

The first two or three patterns in each dance will feature instructional videos that will be free to the public. Everything else will be a part of our premium membership program. For more information about premium membership, please see http://www.ballroomdancers.com/users/premium.asp.

Jonathan Atkinson
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