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Posted by ken albu or danceall
12/12/2012  5:20:00 PM
I signed up for a year and planned to access your website with my Iphone and computer and smart tv.. I keep getting "Username doesn't match.. Please fix this or cancel my substricption,,, thank you.. I hate security codes!!!!
Re: log on
Posted by administrator
12/12/2012  8:05:00 PM
Hi Ken,

Sorry to hear about your login problem. I've had a few of these come up since we started, and so far there hasn't been one that I haven't been able to resolve quickly with a phone call. In the meantime, I've sent you an email with a detailed list of possible problems and solutions. You can reply to that email, call us toll free at 800-357-5358, or respond here on the message board.

If you didn't get the email for some reason (spam blocked, etc), I can try re-sending, or I can post it here on the message board.

Jonathan Atkinson
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