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Solo Dance
Posted by Alexis
2/11/2013  12:30:00 PM
Hey everyone,
I have been doing ballroom and latin dance for about 4 and a half years now, and I just found out I have to audition to be in a dance performance at my school next week. I won't have a partner, and I need help with song ideas and steps that will allow me to do it solo. Please help!
Re: Solo Dance
Posted by rgswoohoo
2/14/2013  4:33:00 AM
wow, that's pretty broad .... can we narrow it down a little? Are you trying out for a specific part, or is it just "do your own routine"? What style of dance/music do you have in mind and what do you want to do with it?
Re: Solo Dance
Posted by nloftofan1
2/14/2013  8:20:00 AM
Good questions (from rgswoohoo). Also, since you will be doing partner dance(s) without a partner, you probably should not try to dance exactly as you would do with a partner. If you have a dance instructor, ask for help.
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