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Jive steps
Posted by Jive bunny
5/30/2013  1:27:00 AM
My partner and I are entering an inter school comp where we have choreograph our own routines. We are allowed to do any steps up to IDTA gold level but are unsure what this includes? We are doing the Jive and the Waltz. Anybody any ideas?
Re: Jive steps
Posted by Waltz123
6/1/2013  4:49:00 PM
Hi Jive Bunny,

I'm not completely familiar with the IDTA syllabus, although I believe it has roughly the same figures as the ISTD, with some variations in terms of which figures fall into which level. However, since you're allowed to use anything up to full gold, these differences won't affect you. As far as you're concerned, IDTA and ISTD will work equally well. So here are a couple of links to our ISTD-based step list for Waltz and Jive:



Jonathan Atkinson
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