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Posted by dancedivatoo
10/22/2013  10:54:00 PM
I have been taking private lessons sparingly over the past six years, and my dance teacher moved to another studio. I don't know what to do next, I want to become a pro one day how do I begin or what do I need to do to get there?
Re: dancing
Posted by ballroomchick
10/23/2013  10:37:00 AM
Do you want to become a professional dancer or do you wish to become a professional dance teacher?

Not sure what your definition of "sparingly over the past 6 yrs." To me that would be once a week.

If you wish to become a good professional dancer you need to be in the studio practicing everyday. You also need to be in the gym. Those rising star dancers are solid muscle! You need to have a good instructor and you need to find a dance partner willing to put in the time and practice with you.

Search for your dance instructor like you would if you were pairing up pedigreed animals. Remember anyone can hang a shingle out saying they are a dance instructor, but what have they accomplished? Who have THEY studied under? Who do they take coachings from? Watch different instructors teach/compete if you can. Do you like they way they dance? If they don't inspire you from the sidelines then you don't want to emulate their style - regardless of how they have placed in competitions.

If you wish to be a good dance teacher I would still recommend about the same advice in practice, a bit less intensive. You still want a good instructor to teach you. Let them know your goals.

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