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moderate waltz music
Posted by rose84
2/21/2014  7:15:00 AM
We're looking for an instrumental moderate waltz song for our wedding dance. We're beginner dancers, both in our late 60s and would like the music to be romantic and uplifting. We tried Yanni's Reflections of Passion, which we adore, but it's a Viennese waltz. We tried slowing it down a tad, but it didn't sound good. Would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!
Re: moderate waltz music
Posted by quickstep7
2/21/2014  7:47:00 AM
You can try another one by Yanni called Secret Vows. Not too fast and extremely romantic.
Re: moderate waltz music
Posted by nloftofan1
2/21/2014  4:31:00 PM
Two suggestions:

1. "Charade"--the Andy Williams version is very good.

2. "Moon River"--several good versions; the one by Henry Mancini (the composer) may be the best.

They have nice, easy tempos and should satisfy your "romantic and uplifting" criteria.
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