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Incorrect video , I believe
Posted by arkashad
3/29/2014  6:00:00 PM
It appears that the video for "Basic Reverse Turn" in Tango curriculum is actually Viennese Waltz. Please correct. Also the description of Man/ Lady steps in Tango's Revers Turn Lady In Line the QQS is not the same between man's and lay's part. Please advise.
Re: Incorrect video , I believe
Posted by Waltz123
3/30/2014  7:34:00 PM
Hi Arkashad,

Believe it or not, that is the correct video. The term "Basic Reverse Turn" is perhaps a bit misleading, considering the fact that it is the least basic of all reverse turns in Tango, but then this has been the convention for decades. Perhaps it relates back to Viennese Waltz, where it is considered the most basic step.

It is not uncommon that two dances share some patterns in common. American style Waltz and Foxtrot share at least 50% of their patterns, and American style Viennese borrows quite a bit from -- would you believe -- the Samba. The challenge is to be able to convey the character of a dance in the interpretation and styling of your movement, so that one can differentiate between the same foot pattern in two different dances.

Jonathan Atkinson
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