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What does Commended Plus Mean?
Posted by binky54
5/25/2014  3:30:00 PM
Recently my partner and I completed our bronze medal test for international waltz and tango - in Canada. On the form from the examiner, he circled 75% and above the number beside the word commended he wrote "Plus". What does that mean? Does "commended plus" mean we received 75% or is it a higher number than that?

Re: What does Commended Plus Mean?
Posted by terence2
5/28/2014  1:35:00 AM
Being a former examiner, its a term ,with which Im not familiar . The levels are/were ...

1.. Pass 65.. 74
2.. Comm.74.. 85
3.. Highly comm.86..100

I must go on the assumption that, it infers you were above the required mark for Comm. but not quite high enough for the next level.
Normally, I would mark with a specfic percentage for clarity( As would most examiners ) .
Re: What does Commended Plus Mean?
Posted by quickstep7
5/28/2014  5:52:00 AM
Well as an examiner on my mark sheet we have boxes for pass, pass+, commendation, high commendation, honours and distinction.

We use pass as 50-59%, commendation 60-64%, high commendation 65-69%, honours 70-85% and distinction 86% or greater.

Pass+ does not actually have a grading but rather denotes where the examiner feels the candidate deserves a commendation but missed the grading so will tick + and write the percentage.

But it doesn't mean that every candidate who scores 59% will get pass+, it depends on the examiner.

I rarely use it, as it is too confusing.
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