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Australian Dancesport at the Olympics
Posted by weddingdance
9/21/2000  3:09:00 PM
I just read somewhere that 250 Australian Dancesport couples will perform at the Olympics closing ceremonies. Has anyone else heard anything about this? How exciting! when I was in Australia last year I went to Gilkison's studio for some lessons and the dance. It was the highlight of my trip (besides stopping in California to take a lesson from Jonathan!)
re: Australian Dancesport at the Olympics
Posted by Sriram Shankar
9/26/2000  10:29:00 AM
I am yet to read this article, because I am yet to find the 'Find' window on AOL. But I will keep looking.

Meanwhile, the Research Triangle Park's USABDA chapter held its inaugural Amateur Ballroom Dancesport Jubilee (www.duke.edu/~oversway/dancesport.html) successfully this past saturday. The event was well represented and proceeded smoothly through the day. The chief organizers, Sunny Lo and Jam Gourley, were interviewed over the telephone recently by Brian Williams for a report on MS-NBC about Ballroom Dancing in the Olympics. No word yet on when it is bound to air, but please keep an ear out for it.

A momentous time indeed for this sport.


re: Australian Dancesport at the Olympics
Posted by Lyndie
9/29/2000  8:45:00 AM
re: dancesport in the closing ceremony at the Olympics, see the newsletter at
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