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Posted by tbka
1/23/2005  3:25:00 AM
ok........im new here and i need a place to vent, really vent, and i need some help making a very important descision

im 14, i have dance in ballet since i was 7, jazz since i was 10, and tap since i was 11, but ballet is what i like most and the main focus of my dance studies......for 2 years my dance teacher has said that i am ready for pointe but since i started dance later then alot of people in my studio (most started at the age of 3) i got stuck in a class with kids who are 10 and 11 and they aren't ready for pointe yet. the other class ahead of me is my age but they are 3 grades ahead of me and have been doing pointe for 3 years. but my teacher will not put me in that class beacuse they are 3 years ahead of me in pointe (and i understand that).

but i have enquired about private lessons for pointe and she says she doesn't have time to teach just one kid pointe and it wouldn't be good for her because i would never be in a proper pointe class then. i would always be inbetween the 2 ballet classes if i got private lessons. she told me to just be patient and wait for the others to catch up with me physically and technically but i've been waiting for TWO YEARS!!! all the kids in my class don't care if they ever go on pointe so they don't work hard to get on pointe and its making the process for me alot longer....i asked them to work harder, if not for themselves then for me because we're all really good friends and i REALLY want to go on pointe. but they haven't worked harder.

so i went and took a few classes at another studio (lets call it studio 2, mine will be studio 1) in my town (my friend from school goes there) and the ballet teacher there said that if i joined the studio she'd put me in a pointe class right away because she really thinks i should go on now and not wait. the only problem is that studio 2 is not the best studio in my town.....everyone knows that studio 1 is the best....we dominate in festivals (large groups, small groups, trios, duets, solos) in our town and the surrounnding towns.....we even dominate in towns 6 hours away. and according to both my ballet teachers and my tap and jazz teacher i am the most promising kid in the studio for my age group. i've made a lot of friends at my studio, there like my second family. i spend pratically all my free time there, im at the studio more then im at home.

so i don't know if i should stay at studio 1 and wait to go on pointe or transfer over to studio 2 and go on pointe there. and i can't take classes at both studios because studio 2 really wants to be the best studio in the town and they won't teach kids who are taking classes at studio 1 at the same time. so i'm really torn at what i should do.

what do you guys think i should do?
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