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Re: American Style???
Posted by Don
1/28/2005  3:30:00 AM
Belgium Boy. I have a question . Are the dance clubs owned by the Amatuers or are are they owned by professionals in your country. I believe in Germany to be a competitor you must belong to a club. An ordinary dance studio can not teach a competitor. There is a hands off agreement between the two. In Ausralia the studios are owned by the professionals who also run the competitions. With this system I can never see the Government supplying a building or going out of their way to help as is done in some countries. The only help is the same , since dancing became a sport, as any other type of sport. soccer netball and so forth. Our teachers very rarly own their own premises. They hire school halls or other types of buildings, most do not have a lease and can be tipped out at a moments notice, which has happend on many occasions. Anyway I would be intested to know what system you have in Belgium. Best wishes Don.
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