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Re: fusturated
Posted by crimson_tear
2/4/2005  12:03:00 AM
ok im sooo sure this is not what you want to hear, but i really think you should stick with studio 1. you have been there a long time and there may be some reason you havent been rought up to point yet, while im sure that you are an absolutely wonderful dancer, your teacher may see 1 or 2 things that she still wants you to improve on a bit more before you moveup. then again i could be completely wrong. but remember, studios ARE a business, and they tend to like to make money. theres a decent chance that that stidoi 2 is willing to put you in a pointe class to get your business. also that studios teacher/s havent known you for long so they dont know anything more than what you have told them or showed them. im going to say this again, i am sure that you are a wonerful dancer, ive always wanted to do ballet, but i never did and its a bit late for me now (18) and ive fallen in love with ballroom. anyhow, if you stay with studio 1 then just remember that when you do get to move up to point all the extra pre pointe work just may pay off for you in a big way. i hope everything goes well for you whatever you decide.
Re: fusturated
Posted by tinydancer
2/9/2005  9:13:00 PM
I would say definitely stay with studio 1... they know you and your abilities/weaknesses the best, while as crimson_tear said, studio 2 may just be trying to get business. It is definitely best to wait until your teacher says you are ready and strong enough, and I of all people should know. I was put on pointe WAY too early (age 10) and picked up all kinds of horrible habits that I still haven't been able to get rid of (I am now 18 and a dance major in college) Besides, it really helps to get all the strengthening you can get... this will really pay off in the long run. Good luck!
Re: fusturated
Posted by Donasaida
2/16/2005  7:10:00 PM
After reading your post my heart goes out to you and your frustration with studio 1. It seems unfair that you should be held back because you are in between age groups at your current studio. The teacher seems unwilling to offer additional help in preparing you for entry into a higher level and according to you, you are way ahead of the dancers in your current class. I just don't know if I would switch schools at this time since you have so much invested in Studio 1 as far as teachers that know your dance history. Maybe studio 2 has lower standards (i am not implying that you are not ready and able)and just wants to lure girls away from studio 1 so they can bolster their enrollment and try to compete with #1. We have a similiar situation in our town as i'm sure most do. Maybe you could show this letter to your teacher and let her know just how serious and sincere and frustrated you are. Ask her if she can recommend a coach to accelerate you into the next level. Take some workshops and work hard this summer. I know it can be gut wrenching to feel that you have been dismissed but keep up a good appearance and attitude. Sometimes these dance teachers don't like it when you tell them where you ought to be. I think the trick is to make them believe they have discovered you on their own. Go out for the studio auditions, be seen, be available, volunteer as a helper for beginner dancers, hang with some of the older girs and learn some of their routines. Give it a little more time. You've made your wants and desires known. Again, maybe consider showing your teacher your email in a letter form. I would leave out the part about studio 2 though. Lastly, and most of all never let andyone crush your desire and love of dancing! Surely you stand out as a shining example to your classmates. Bask in the glow of your abilities and smile.
All the best to you,
Donasaida da.lewis@comcast.net
Re: fusturated
Posted by Sophie
2/16/2005  10:20:00 PM
Sorry, this is completely off-topic, but it kinda relates to what you're saying. I'm 12, and I take ice-skating and i'm fairly serious about it even though i've only been doing it for a year and a half. I practice a ton--the other girls in my lesson group have been skating for 3-4 years, but then again they are a lot younger. Anyway, I think ballet looks like something that I would really like, and it would also really help my balance and line in skating. However, I'm 12, a.k.a. kinda really late to start ballet. And the other thing is, a bunch of my friends and the popular girls at school take lessons at the local ballet studio and are going on pointe and such, and it would be so embarrassing to be in a absolute beginner class, especially because this "friend" is kind of a snob and I know she will bug me about is, but she is my friend so I don't want to fight with her. I know what you're probably thinking, well, just take at another ballet studio where you don't know anyone. But this ballet studio is a block from my house and it's REALLY good, the teacher is an ex-rockette and she absolutely knows what she's doing, and the teachers at the other ballet studios don't. Also, I would be in a class of much younger kids that would probably progress way slower than I would. I'm really not sure what to do, just not take ballet and concentrate on skating or take it even though i'm 12 and just deal. Can you give me some advice???
Re: fusturated
Posted by tbka
3/19/2005  1:53:00 AM
well thanks for all the suggestions....i really did read them. i posted that original message in January and it's now March and i am happy to say that i am now on pointe in studio 1. this came about after a new student joined the studio last month who is also in the situation i am in, she was stuck inbetween pointe classes, the only thing is that she had just started pointe in her old studio before moving to the town i live in.

so with a little help from my tap and jazz teacher (who really tries to get everyone in the proper classes according to their technique. she really cares about her students), and with some hard work trying to make all my corrections in class, and finally fixing my my weight placement habit of many years (i always tended to sit on my heels a little bit too much) me and the new girl got a private pointe class with my teacher, we just started 3 weeks ago.

but during the month of february i did take ballet classes at studio 2 and i relieased how much more comfortable i am at studio 1. i know everyone there and the teachers know me and my abilty. the teachers at studio 2 do not care for the wellfare of their students, i figured that out when i took class there and got injured in the process because the teacher made me do some steps i was not ready for. and after watching some of the pointe classes at studio 2 i realized that they're a studio like u guys said, a studio in it for the money, not for the students like studio 1. so after 3 weeks and 1 injury later i was back at my studio 1 with no more classes at studio 2. and we once again dominated in festival (which i must say, it felt pretty good beating studio 2 in festival).

and i must say those 2 years of waiting and practicing, prepare me more then i thought it would (both mentally and physically). i'm progressing extremely fast, even my teacher thinks so. i'm already able to do pose turns and senna turns (i'm pretty sure that's not how that's spelt).

so i did learn my lesson, stay with the studio you started with because they know you and your ability and they know what is best for you. even if you yourself don't think it's best for you. the waiting helped me considerably and now i'm quite happy with where i am and i'm glad i didn't switch to studio 2 because i have a feeling i wouldn't have liked it nearly as much as i like studio 1.

so thanks to everyone that replied to me, you really did help me with my deciscion.

Re: fusturated
Posted by Keryn
3/22/2005  4:40:00 PM
Hi tbka, that's great that you're doing pointe now! I hopefully will be starting next term or the beginning of next semester.
To all the girls who want to start ballet but think that they are too old or don't want to be embarrassed, I had exactly the same fear! When I was 15 I started to take a jazz class at a studio (they didn't want me to do ballet without jazz) and I wasn't taken seriously because I was so old and didn't know how to dance, I only stayed there for a term.
I turned 19 at the beginning of this year and I have always wanted to be a ballet dancer (just for fun not a pro, for that I am too old!). Anyway I went to a different studio that's quite far away, but I'm glad I did because they have been very supportive. I am in a class of 12-14 year olds and I just felt huge! But they girls are great! I was a bit of a novelty at first because I drive myself to ballet and I don't go to school anymore. I am slowly learning everything and as soon as my knowledge is good, I will be able to go onto pointe. (I already have very strong feet and legs from, cross-country running). I am so glad I am taking classes I feel so much stronger, flexible and graceful. It has been very painful but I have loved every minute of it!
And I also have taken a class in the dreaded jazz and yet again the studio is nothing but supportive!
So don't worry about how old you are, plus pointe isn't everything all the girls do it for the first 30mins and I just follow along in my flats. When I do go onto pointe I will already know what corrections the teacher is looking for and how to do all the exercises. So you might even be better off!
Oh and another thing to make you fit in better is stretch like there is not tomorrow! I exercise my legs and feet constantly whenever I sit down. Or if I'm studying I will do Relevés and Pliés. I also found the New York City Ballet Workout was great.
Best of luck, Keryn
Re: fusturated
Posted by 8888
5/2/2005  7:20:00 PM
go to studio 2 i know what it is like to wait. Only go if ballet is important enough in your life to make you give up some time though. that's my advice so if you really want to GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Re: fusturated
Posted by Replying to tbka
6/16/2005  5:29:00 PM
Replying to fusturated:

I think you should try and talk to your teacher at studio 1 again and see if you can push yourself to do the advanced ballet class and if she doesn't like that go to Studio 2 and turn that studio to the best in town

Hope I was help
Re: fusturated
Posted by fellow dancer
6/20/2005  11:38:00 AM
Wow! I read your letter, and you're in almost EXACTLY the same situation I'm in! I'm going to a new studio next year because I really want to take pointe too. The studio I'm at right now doesn't offer pointe, that's why I'm switching. If I were you, I'd switch too! In my town, you can only dance till you're graduated, and then no studios offer classes after that age. That's why I'm switching now before it's too late (I'm going into grade 11). My family just doesn't understand the big deal about going on pointe, but it's not something I can expalin to them...I just HAVE to do it! Hope you get your situation worked out, and that if you do change studios, it goes great at the new one! (Keep me posted!)
Re: fusturated
Posted by susannah
8/15/2005  6:21:00 AM
Hi ,
I went through the same thing i started dance late when i was 13 and and am now 15 i can tell you its hard being the oldest kid in the class but maybe your studio 1 ballet teacher will put you on pointe while the rest are still on flats. because when you first start on point your feet feel terrible . so by being in a younger class you could "show off" and inspire the girls slacking off to try harder.,stay with your old studio and tough it out .after all we make sacrifices for family,lol.and on a final note by staying in the easyer class you wil get to perfect your pointe moves with no rush and then maybe if your studio is like mine be the only one in your class on pointe at the recital... if you have one .

love to you and good luck ,
susannah tx.

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