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Re: fusturated
Posted by Donasaida
2/16/2005  7:10:00 PM
After reading your post my heart goes out to you and your frustration with studio 1. It seems unfair that you should be held back because you are in between age groups at your current studio. The teacher seems unwilling to offer additional help in preparing you for entry into a higher level and according to you, you are way ahead of the dancers in your current class. I just don't know if I would switch schools at this time since you have so much invested in Studio 1 as far as teachers that know your dance history. Maybe studio 2 has lower standards (i am not implying that you are not ready and able)and just wants to lure girls away from studio 1 so they can bolster their enrollment and try to compete with #1. We have a similiar situation in our town as i'm sure most do. Maybe you could show this letter to your teacher and let her know just how serious and sincere and frustrated you are. Ask her if she can recommend a coach to accelerate you into the next level. Take some workshops and work hard this summer. I know it can be gut wrenching to feel that you have been dismissed but keep up a good appearance and attitude. Sometimes these dance teachers don't like it when you tell them where you ought to be. I think the trick is to make them believe they have discovered you on their own. Go out for the studio auditions, be seen, be available, volunteer as a helper for beginner dancers, hang with some of the older girs and learn some of their routines. Give it a little more time. You've made your wants and desires known. Again, maybe consider showing your teacher your email in a letter form. I would leave out the part about studio 2 though. Lastly, and most of all never let andyone crush your desire and love of dancing! Surely you stand out as a shining example to your classmates. Bask in the glow of your abilities and smile.
All the best to you,
Donasaida da.lewis@comcast.net
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