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Re: fusturated
Posted by Sophie
2/16/2005  10:20:00 PM
Sorry, this is completely off-topic, but it kinda relates to what you're saying. I'm 12, and I take ice-skating and i'm fairly serious about it even though i've only been doing it for a year and a half. I practice a ton--the other girls in my lesson group have been skating for 3-4 years, but then again they are a lot younger. Anyway, I think ballet looks like something that I would really like, and it would also really help my balance and line in skating. However, I'm 12, a.k.a. kinda really late to start ballet. And the other thing is, a bunch of my friends and the popular girls at school take lessons at the local ballet studio and are going on pointe and such, and it would be so embarrassing to be in a absolute beginner class, especially because this "friend" is kind of a snob and I know she will bug me about is, but she is my friend so I don't want to fight with her. I know what you're probably thinking, well, just take at another ballet studio where you don't know anyone. But this ballet studio is a block from my house and it's REALLY good, the teacher is an ex-rockette and she absolutely knows what she's doing, and the teachers at the other ballet studios don't. Also, I would be in a class of much younger kids that would probably progress way slower than I would. I'm really not sure what to do, just not take ballet and concentrate on skating or take it even though i'm 12 and just deal. Can you give me some advice???
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