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Re: fusturated
Posted by tbka
3/19/2005  1:53:00 AM
well thanks for all the suggestions....i really did read them. i posted that original message in January and it's now March and i am happy to say that i am now on pointe in studio 1. this came about after a new student joined the studio last month who is also in the situation i am in, she was stuck inbetween pointe classes, the only thing is that she had just started pointe in her old studio before moving to the town i live in.

so with a little help from my tap and jazz teacher (who really tries to get everyone in the proper classes according to their technique. she really cares about her students), and with some hard work trying to make all my corrections in class, and finally fixing my my weight placement habit of many years (i always tended to sit on my heels a little bit too much) me and the new girl got a private pointe class with my teacher, we just started 3 weeks ago.

but during the month of february i did take ballet classes at studio 2 and i relieased how much more comfortable i am at studio 1. i know everyone there and the teachers know me and my abilty. the teachers at studio 2 do not care for the wellfare of their students, i figured that out when i took class there and got injured in the process because the teacher made me do some steps i was not ready for. and after watching some of the pointe classes at studio 2 i realized that they're a studio like u guys said, a studio in it for the money, not for the students like studio 1. so after 3 weeks and 1 injury later i was back at my studio 1 with no more classes at studio 2. and we once again dominated in festival (which i must say, it felt pretty good beating studio 2 in festival).

and i must say those 2 years of waiting and practicing, prepare me more then i thought it would (both mentally and physically). i'm progressing extremely fast, even my teacher thinks so. i'm already able to do pose turns and senna turns (i'm pretty sure that's not how that's spelt).

so i did learn my lesson, stay with the studio you started with because they know you and your ability and they know what is best for you. even if you yourself don't think it's best for you. the waiting helped me considerably and now i'm quite happy with where i am and i'm glad i didn't switch to studio 2 because i have a feeling i wouldn't have liked it nearly as much as i like studio 1.

so thanks to everyone that replied to me, you really did help me with my deciscion.

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