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Re: fusturated
Posted by Keryn
3/22/2005  4:40:00 PM
Hi tbka, that's great that you're doing pointe now! I hopefully will be starting next term or the beginning of next semester.
To all the girls who want to start ballet but think that they are too old or don't want to be embarrassed, I had exactly the same fear! When I was 15 I started to take a jazz class at a studio (they didn't want me to do ballet without jazz) and I wasn't taken seriously because I was so old and didn't know how to dance, I only stayed there for a term.
I turned 19 at the beginning of this year and I have always wanted to be a ballet dancer (just for fun not a pro, for that I am too old!). Anyway I went to a different studio that's quite far away, but I'm glad I did because they have been very supportive. I am in a class of 12-14 year olds and I just felt huge! But they girls are great! I was a bit of a novelty at first because I drive myself to ballet and I don't go to school anymore. I am slowly learning everything and as soon as my knowledge is good, I will be able to go onto pointe. (I already have very strong feet and legs from, cross-country running). I am so glad I am taking classes I feel so much stronger, flexible and graceful. It has been very painful but I have loved every minute of it!
And I also have taken a class in the dreaded jazz and yet again the studio is nothing but supportive!
So don't worry about how old you are, plus pointe isn't everything all the girls do it for the first 30mins and I just follow along in my flats. When I do go onto pointe I will already know what corrections the teacher is looking for and how to do all the exercises. So you might even be better off!
Oh and another thing to make you fit in better is stretch like there is not tomorrow! I exercise my legs and feet constantly whenever I sit down. Or if I'm studying I will do Relevés and Pliés. I also found the New York City Ballet Workout was great.
Best of luck, Keryn
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