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West Coast Swing Videos
Posted by 40niknar
6/15/2005  12:42:00 PM
I live in Washington, in a rural area, near the cities of Olympia, Silverdale, Bremerton, WA. I am in the late 50's age bracket.

(1) I cannot locate a dance instruction location to take lessons, such as in West Coast Swing, other than going as far into the city of Seattle, which is approx 2 hours away from my home. Can someone help me locate the nearest location or make a suggestion?

(2) Also would like to find a location near the above cities for "social" ballroom dancing where beginners-intermediates can go and not feel intimidated.

(3) As a last resort, I would like to purchase a "current" WCS video or DVD on WCS dance instruction. Can someone help?

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