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Re: fusturated
Posted by fellow dancer
6/20/2005  11:38:00 AM
Wow! I read your letter, and you're in almost EXACTLY the same situation I'm in! I'm going to a new studio next year because I really want to take pointe too. The studio I'm at right now doesn't offer pointe, that's why I'm switching. If I were you, I'd switch too! In my town, you can only dance till you're graduated, and then no studios offer classes after that age. That's why I'm switching now before it's too late (I'm going into grade 11). My family just doesn't understand the big deal about going on pointe, but it's not something I can expalin to them...I just HAVE to do it! Hope you get your situation worked out, and that if you do change studios, it goes great at the new one! (Keep me posted!)
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