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Re: Diffrence?
Posted by jerryblu
7/12/2005  4:49:00 PM
I assume that anyone with a name like tanguero_argentino REALLY must know tango, but I think you need more info. And I thought that tango originated in the slums and brothels of Argentina, was brought to Europe by sailors, taken up there, changed (sanitized?) and codified into Int'l tango, then changed more for American style. I'd like to be disabused of all that, if it is not true.

In any case, the music is really different. Argentine tango music has a unique set of rhythms and dissonant harmonies.

The steps are very different also. I think Argentine Tango is gorgeous, and I plan to start lessons soon. However, there is a problem. It is rarely played, so that you will dance it only if you go to specialized venues where that is all they do all nite long. Sort of like going to a swing or a salsa club where that's 90% of what they do.

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