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Re: fusturated
Posted by susannah
8/15/2005  6:21:00 AM
Hi ,
I went through the same thing i started dance late when i was 13 and and am now 15 i can tell you its hard being the oldest kid in the class but maybe your studio 1 ballet teacher will put you on pointe while the rest are still on flats. because when you first start on point your feet feel terrible . so by being in a younger class you could "show off" and inspire the girls slacking off to try harder.,stay with your old studio and tough it out .after all we make sacrifices for family,lol.and on a final note by staying in the easyer class you wil get to perfect your pointe moves with no rush and then maybe if your studio is like mine be the only one in your class on pointe at the recital... if you have one .

love to you and good luck ,
susannah tx.
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