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Re: fusturated
Posted by anonymous
8/18/2005  5:40:00 PM
Dear Frustrated~
i have been dancing ever since i was 3. i love and i spend 4 to 5 days a week and 2 or more hours each week. i am 13 years old and my dance teacher asked me if i wanted to do pointe. i understand what you are going through. my advice is to wait for your friends. My dance teacher put me in level 4 and 5 one time, and then she would decide after one month which level i should take. after taking level 5 i liked the level better but i didn't like the girls in that level. So i asked her if i could take the level 4. it turned out that it was better that i took level 4 because i learned some steps that i never learned before, i was able to perfect my unperfect steps, and i had fun because i was with my friends! I think you should stay at studio 1, even if it does take a while! Good luck, i hope everything works out for you!
~ anonymous
Re: fusturated
Posted by Kristin
12/8/2005  9:54:00 AM
Don't worry about what other people think. Your studio may be known as the best on in town, but they are not accomodating your needs, and I don't think what they're doing is right. You've made friends there, but you can still keep in touch with them afterwards. They will understand why you're doing whats best for you.
I am 19 and just beginning pointe, trust me, don't wait any longer! If you want to advance in ballet technique, then take pointe at the other school and you will excell there, I'm sure.
Good luck!
Re: fusturated
Posted by kimberly
3/6/2006  8:45:00 AM
hey you know what its my first time to. and i'm also 14 i'll tell you now i think it is a great thing that your planning on doing and let know one tell you different ok! b/c your coming up with great things that should be yours and poeple should here them with the dances and yes do go for it!!!!!
Re: fusturated
Posted by Guest
6/14/2006  4:59:00 PM
Be patient, cause it doesn't sound like you'll be happy at the other studio either even though you'll go on pointe. Your studio(1) is the best in town for a reason, why leave it?
Re: fusturated
Posted by TheDancingQueen
7/12/2006  2:00:00 AM
Ok. Now I know what your feeling because the same thing happened to me almost 15years ago. Look, if both your teachers think you're ready to move on but one is holding you back, go to the one that is giving you that push. Which in your case is studio2. It doesn't matter if studio1 is the best, the teacher at studio2 is going to put you where you need to be.
I started dancing late in life too but now I'm a lead female dancer in a well known dance company(no names)and if I hadn't switched dance studios I'd still be doing kiddie stuff. Move on kid. Friends come and go and if they can't understand why you switched studios then they wern't very good friends to begin with. You're doing this for you and you only. Take it seriously!
Re: fusturated
Posted by mazdancer
7/26/2006  3:27:00 PM
I think that even though studio 1 is the best school there is, it is in fact, not the best as it is not willing or even trying to provide you with what you desire. A good teacher will do its best to provide you with what you would like to do. Your ability is not dictacted by the dance school you go to and you know this, so it would be best if you went to the teacher at studio 2. And you already know someone there anyway.
Re: fusturated
Posted by paul&dot
12/21/2007  4:02:00 PM
I think a teacher who asks you to wait for others to catch up to your abilities does not have your best interest in mind.

If you still learning new material in studio #1 and can afford the(time and money) to take lessons from both studios then go that route.

If you cannot afford the extra efforts, or if you are not progressing in studio #1, then drop studio #1.
Re: fusturated
Posted by ballroombeauty
7/26/2006  7:11:00 PM
I think that if you are doing dance just because you love it and is fun then you should stay with studio 1 but if you want to go somewhere with ballet then I would go with studio 2. I say this because you don't know how much longer you will have to wait and if you want to go somewhere with ballet then you need to go to a studio that will give you that training ASAP. I am 14 also and have been doing pointe for 3 years. I am just now starting to get really good at it. I always had talent but it is just now really going for me. So I think if you stay at studio 1 you might not start pointe until you are like 17 maybe even 18 and then you won't be as fully prepared as you could be for other dance schools and things like that. So good luck with your choice!!!!! If you want to consider other choices about studios email me at Toetouchin10@aol.com
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