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Re: fusturated
Posted by anonymous
8/18/2005  5:40:00 PM
Dear Frustrated~
i have been dancing ever since i was 3. i love and i spend 4 to 5 days a week and 2 or more hours each week. i am 13 years old and my dance teacher asked me if i wanted to do pointe. i understand what you are going through. my advice is to wait for your friends. My dance teacher put me in level 4 and 5 one time, and then she would decide after one month which level i should take. after taking level 5 i liked the level better but i didn't like the girls in that level. So i asked her if i could take the level 4. it turned out that it was better that i took level 4 because i learned some steps that i never learned before, i was able to perfect my unperfect steps, and i had fun because i was with my friends! I think you should stay at studio 1, even if it does take a while! Good luck, i hope everything works out for you!
~ anonymous
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