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re: Help on Waltz steps
Posted by Dronak
2/27/2002  7:35:00 PM
It looks like something happened to your post and it got cut off. The Curved Feather is a syllabus figure, so I can just take the footwork for that out of the book -- man's part is HT, T, TH (RF, LF, RF OP); lady's is TH, T, TH. I can't be sure about the Hairpin because I've never learned it and the Popular Variations book I see it in isn't quite as detailed as the technique book. It appears that the footwork is the same, HT, T, TH for the man. What's the difference between them? I think the turn on the Hairpin is sharper/quicker and possibly more than the Curved Feather, but you're probably better off getting the answer from someone who knows the Hairpin better than I do.

James Marshall

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