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Re: Medal day nerves
Posted by Don
11/17/2005  5:36:00 AM
Sandra. Having done a few medals over the years. I came to the conclusion that if anything were to go wrong it would be the parts that I knew backwards. Only concentrating on the parts that I considered tricky was the wrong way to go. In other words pay more attention to the parts of your dancing that normaly never go wrong. This is actually from a book on how to succeed in dancing. Don`t worry about the things you have no contol over, Like the music or if the floor feels a bit slippery, just concentrate on what you are doing which is something that you do have control over.Remember the judge also wants you to do a good medal. A little slip up if it happens is allowable. I dont know how the medals are conducted where you live. Here there could be a hundred or so watching which can make it a bit more of an ordeal. Thats why I quoted not to worrying about what you have no control over. I wouldn`t dream of going on the floor cold. If there is room somewhere I would be doing Rumba Walks Cha and Samba to keep myself loose. If its possible a bit of modern as well, space permiting. The Latin can be done in a very confined space. Its just me but I dance and move better after an hour or two`s dancing than I do when I have just come off the street. You`ll do fine
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