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Re: Medal day nerves
Posted by Don
11/17/2005  2:29:00 PM
Sandra. Very good advice from Phil. I should have added this before. The name Donnie Burns might not mean anything to you. He was one of the best. In a lecture he said. "It doesn`t matter if you are a world champion or a bronze medalist. You will only dance 75% of your best when the tension is on ". It doesn`t matter how good you were dancing the evening before your medal, you would be very lucky to take that with you onto the floor the next day. So if you feel as if you have come down a peg or two, foreget it, that`s the way it is. One other thing. Whatever you do ,do not wear anything that you have never danced in before, especially shoes. Even a dress.I wouldn`t even comb or brush my hair a different way.
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