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Re: Medal day nerves
Posted by operabob
11/17/2005  2:43:00 PM
Just to add to the visual/environmental cue thing in an extreme example:

A month ago a local 18 piece orchestra asked if we could demo a foxtrot at an upcoming dance. They even sent pictures of the hall.

What you couldn't tell from the pictures was that the hall was "L" shaped with tables at each end. The ochestra was placed on the outside corner of the "L".

The situation was such that to fit our routine in we had to dance diagonally across the inside corner of the "L".

Luckily we went early in the day to check things out because parts of our routine we would normally dance along a wall we were now dancing diagonally towards or away from and where we would normally have been moving diagonally was now moving along a wall.

Too boot we had to make an adjustment by dancing around the corner opposite the orchestra. This meant dancing a corner as if on the outside of a building rather than on the inside of a hall. LOL!

We literally practiced that routine for an hour in that room before the errors stopped.

Best thing though! The orchestra played a perfect tempii.

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