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Re: American Smooth
Posted by Ellen
12/2/2005  2:22:00 PM
American Smooth includes 4 dances: waltz, foxtrot, tango, and Viennese waltz. They are danced in line of dance the same as Standard (aka International). The fundamental difference between the Standard and Smooth versions of these dances is that, in the Smooth dances, open choreography (usually one hand hold but also completely separate at the higher levels) is allowed, permitting various turns and other open maneuvers. Most of the open patterns travel along line of dance. As a result of including open work, there are also different syllabus patterns in the two versions. American Smooth foxtrot is usually danced at a faster tempo than Standard. If you're looking for examples of American smooth choreography, I've been told that some Standard couples use some American Smooth choreography in exhibition dances, especially open work as a intro to their routine. If you've seen that, you've probably seen some essentially Smooth dancing.
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